What is a Greenway?

    A Greenway is a high-quality, direct and continuous route connecting Cambridgeshire Villages with the city. They represent non-motorised user routes aiming to encourage people to use their cars less and travel more sustainably, using forms of transport such as cycling, walking and where possible equestrian.

    What other Greenways are there?

    There are twelve greenways in total listed below. All, except St Ives, have gone through a process of early public engagement and will all be consulted on. Linton has already been consulted on through the Cambridge South East Transport Study.

    1. Barton

    2. Haslingfield

    3. Waterbeach

    4. Fulbourn

    5. Melbourn

    6. Comberton

    7. Sawston

    8. Swaffhams

    9. Bottisham

    10. Horningsea

    11. Linton (developed within the Cambridge South East Transport Study)

    12. St Ives (involves improving access to the St Ives busway for towns and villages with along the route by working with parish councils)

    When are you building the other Greenways?

    Construction will take place after public feedback and consultation has taken place. Funding will then ideally be made available and detailed designs approved.

    How did you come up with these routes?

    The Greenway routes were initially proposed by Nigel Brigham associates in a report that was commissioned in 2016. They have been revised by collecting responses on route alignments and design throughout early engagement with the public between July 2017 and May 2018. Potential Greenway routes were shown on surveys and maps at public events and on the Greater Cambridge Partnership website. Subsequently, designs have been made based on these comments which will be shown throughout the consultation.

    Why are you consulting on these routes?

    We are consulting on each Greenway route to identify public support or opposition to every proposed intervention along each route. Consultation, in the form of early engagement, has formed the basis upon which initial designs have been made by highlighting people’s preferences for route alignment and general design. Further consultation will allow the public to see and comment on these initial designs. Such comments will form the basis upon which further detailed proposals can be made.

    Do these routes have segregated cycle lanes?

    Some sections of the Greenways will have areas of separated cycle and walking lanes. This will depend on many factors including available space and how it that space has been used in the past. Areas close to carriageways will aim to be protected paths, where the path is separated from the roadside by a grassy strip or hedgerow. ‘Protected Path’ represents one of three categories that will characterise each section of the Greenway routes. Additional categories are ‘Quiet Road’ and ‘Share Use’ which are detailed in the consultation material online and within route specific leaflets.

    Are these routes suitable for equestrians?

    Areas that are currently used by equestrians will still be usable. Proposals may include development along bridleways. In such circumstances, it is the aim to have a two-metre grassy strip alongside any hard surface that is laid. This may not be possible along all stretches but equestrian access will not be restricted. Surface improvements, access improvements and hedgerow maintenance may increase areas of bridleway, byway or highway that equestrians can use.

    Where is the funding for these projects coming from?

    Funding will be delivered through the Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board. Some of the routes may be funded or part funded by S106 developer contributions, as well as any other funding that comes forward from perhaps Department for Transport initiatives or even the Combined Authority. Upon completion of the public consultation, results will be analysed to highlight which route strategies and interventions are best supported. Officer recommendations will be presented to the executive board for each greenway route; the board will subsequently approve funding or request change

    Can I come and talk to you about these Greenways?

    You can, at one of our public engagement events listed below.

    Wednesday 04 July Haslingfield Methodist Church 25 High St, Haslingfield, Cambridge CB23 1JW 4:00pm7:00pm Thursday 05 July Cambridge Rugby Football Club - Volac Park, Grantchester Rd, Cambridge CB3 9ED 4:00pm – 7:00pm Wednesday 11 July Barton CE Primary School - School Ln, Barton, Cambridge CB23 7BD 4:00pm - 7:00pm Tuesday 17 July Grantchester Village Hall – Vicarage Drive, Grantchester, Cambridge, CB3 9NG 5:00pm -7:00pm

    How can I have my say on helping shape the Greenways projects?

    The public consultation for the Barton and Haslingfield Greenways runs from 25 June 2018 until 20 August 2018 in which time you can fill in our surveys and let us know your views on the proposed routes.

    You can contact us at any time to share your thoughts on the Greenways project by emailing us at consultations@greatercambridge.org.uk or

    Via phone 01223 699906

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    Twitter twitter.com/GreaterCambs