What will the scheme cost? 

    The scheme is currently estimated to cost £160.5m, which includes design, land purchase and construction costs. This figure will be revised as the scheme is refined. 

    Will the economic case be revisited in light of the impacts of COVID? 

    Yes. The impact of COVID-19 on public transport demand and the need for social distancing will be kept under review as the project develops, and the business case will be updated before a decision is made to progress further with the scheme.  

    The GCP’s commitment to support sustainable growth is brought into even sharper focus by the impacts of COVID-19 and the need to support economic recovery. As communities continue to recover and grow in line with the area’s Local Plan, sustainable transport options will still be vital to access work, study and other opportunities the city has to offer, whether using public transport or active travel. Car and public transport usage is recovering, and the need for active travel and transport interchange solutions is increasing in the context of a climate crisis and growing cycle use, as people seek more sustainable alternatives to cars. 

    What about East West Rail?  

    We continue to work closely with EWR to ensure alignment with emerging strategies and proposals. The EWR project is at an earlier stage, and once planning has progressed to confirm a preferred route and station location, we can then reflect that in our business case, in line with DfT requirements. 

    Will buses be electric?  

    Yes, as soon as the technology is available to run over required distances and periods. Should this not be the case on opening, buses using the route will be required to operate to the highest (currently Euro VI) emissions standards.

    What is being done about city centre congestion?

    GCP’s Making Connections scheme is working to introduce measures to free up congested city centre roads to allow better public transport provision and flow through the city. You can read more about the Making Connections proposals on the GCP web pages