What is GovDelivery?

    GovDelivery is an email subscription platform, designed for public bodies, that allows members of the public to subscribe to receive information, updates, alerts, and newsletters.

    What will you send me?

    The question we're asking, is what are you interested in receiving from us.  This survey will help us design and develop our schedules and our topic lists.

    What about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)?

    GovDelivery will help us ensure that we comply with the new Data Protection regulations.  It will give you complete control over the information you want to receive from us, allowing you to pick which topics you're interested in (if any) through a web browser.  Granicus, the company behind GovDelivery, have excellent data security accreditation (ISO 270001 certification) and are signed up to the EU Privacy Shield agreement.

    Why should I subscribe?

    We're planning on using GovDelivery to send out public event information, project information, and other updates.  Quite what those will be, we won't decide until we've completed this survey, but if you're interested in knowing what projects we're working on, what consultations we're running, and what's happening with our projects, use this survey to let us know, and we'll try to make that part of our schedule.