Whittlesford Parkway Transport Masterplan consultation June 2019

    Why are you consulting on proposals for access to and from Whittlesford Parkway station?

    Whittlesford Parkway station has seen growth in usage over the period from 2007/08 to 2016/17, with passenger numbers increasing by 60%. Proposed development in the area in the coming years is expected to further increase passenger numbers to around 850,000 per year.

    Car parking, cycling and public transport provision all need to be improved to enable people to travel to and from the station more sustainably. 

    How was Whittlesford chosen?

    Whittlesford was identified by the parish council as a potential site for a Rural Travel Hub following a request from GCP in the summer of 2016 to all parish councils in South Cambridgeshire. 

    Due to a number of plans and proposals for Whittlesford Parkway station area the GCP decided to look at the area as a whole and to develop a masterplan. 

    What is a masterplan?

    A masterplan looks at long-term planning and development in an area. These can look at a range of issues, although this one focuses only on transport. Over 150 options were identified initially to improve Whittlesford Parkway station and its surroundings. Of these, 33 have been selected as proposed schemes to take forward as a package.

    Why aren’t the proposals in the consultation more detailed?

    At the moment we’re consulting on an overarching package, rather than on the detail of particular schemes. If the GCP Executive Board decides to further develop the package then we will consult on specifics at a later date.

    Is it just about making things better for people who drive?

    No. We want to improve access to and from the station for everyone, whether they choose to travel by bicycle, on foot, by public transport, or by car.

    Are you seeking feedback from Whittlesford residents as well as people working at the nearby business parks?

    Yes. The proposals will have an impact on local residents and we very much want to hear views from people living in the area as well as from those who work in the area. Everyone is welcome to come to a public event, fill in the online survey, contribute to the forum, or contact us via social media. Full details are online at www.greatercambridge.org.uk/whittlesfordplan/

    The consultation asks people if they agree with the priority given to each measure. What if people disagree with the measures?

    We would like people to tell us whether or not they agree with the level of priority given to each of the measures as this will help us to identify which schemes people think should be taken forward in the shorter, medium, or longer term.

    The consultation gives people the opportunity to disagree with the list of priorities and to suggest alternative measures that could be taken forward.

    Why is planned housing growth at North Uttlesford Garden Community relevant to Whittlesford Parkway?

    The proposed North Uttlesford Garden Community would include 5,000 new homes as well as community facilities and employment opportunities. This is the largest planned development in the area and could generate increased passenger numbers at Whittlesford Parkway station.

    At the 2019 local elections Residents for Uttlesford became the majority party on Uttlesford District Council. Historically, Residents for Uttlesford had concerns about the Local Plan; since becoming the majority party the Planning Inspectorate has written to Uttlesford District Council to ask for clarity on its stance on the Local Plan.

    Information about the Local Plan can be found on Uttlesford District Council's website.

    The masterplan identifies potential development to the north of Station Road East – does this mean these developments will come forward?

    No, the three pieces of land where potential development is identified are not included within the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan, but the landowners do have aspirations to redevelop those sites. The masterplan in no way affects the likelihood of those sites being developed, it simply recognises the impacts that could be expected if they were to be developed.

    When will the GCP Executive Board decide whether or not to go ahead with these proposals?

    The results of the consultation are expected to be reported to the Executive Board in December 2019, with an Outline Delivery Plan that considers the schemes, their priorities, and the range of other factors and stakeholders going to the Executive Board in 2020.