What is sustainable transport?

    Sustainable transport includes any mode of travel, which is more environmentally-friendly. So rather than driving a car, people may take public transport, cycle or walk, which is healthier, helps reduce the impact on the environment, and provides increased space. For example, one bus journey is more environmentally-friendly than 40 separate car journeys. 

    What is a floating bus stop?

    A floating bus stop has a segregated footway, cycleway and passenger waiting area. There is a crossing point over the cycleway between the footway and the waiting area. The advantage of this arrangement is that people walking and using the bus have separate space from people cycling, and everyone is protected from motor traffic.

    What are you doing about parking on Milton Road?

    To allow for better public transport, cycling and walking journeys, the existing pavement parking on Milton Road will be removed. As part of the scheme, we are also looking to develop a traffic regulation order, which will ban all parking on grass verges. 

    What happens after the consultation period?

    Following the consultation period in September/October 2018, Cambridgeshire County Council's Research Team will collate and analyse the responses received and publish the results. The results of this consultation will then form the final design which will go to the Greater Cambridge Partnership's Executive Board in the Autumn/Winter of 2019. The Executive Board will then decide how to proceed with the project and if so, when construction should begin. 

    What is happening with the trees on Milton Road?

    As part of the scheme, and to provide more space for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, the Project Team will be replacing the existing trees on Milton Road with an avenue of semi-mature trees, which are more suited to the local environment. The Project Team also aim to increase the overall number and quality of trees along Milton Road

    What is a Copenhagen style crossing?

    A Copenhagen style crossing provides a continuation of the footway and/or cycleway across a minor side road junction. Through the design, it should be made obvious to vehicles approaching the junction that they must give way to pedestrians and cyclists. This is achieved by including ramps, markings, colouration of surfaces, and by ensuring that the corners are relatively tight. 

    What kinds of trees are you looking at for Milton Road?

    As part of the plans for Milton Road, a new avenue of semi-mature trees will be planted.

    It is proposed that the wider section of Milton Road between the Guided Busway intersection and Arbury Road will be planted with larger growing species such as Limes and Tulip Trees. 

    The narrower section between Arbury Road and Mitchams Corner will include smaller growing species such as Flowering Cherry, Flowering Pear, and Birch.